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Who belongs to the claster?

The cluster was established in 2014. It consists of enterprises, research and local government units and business environment institutions, that in the process of fruitful co-operation created a common value chain. This co-operation resulted in preparation of a coherent development strategy and creation of innovative project.


EMOT Effective Micro-Organisms Technology

EMOT Technology was created by company CleanBacter. It is unique idea using biological preparations in industry. There is no other technology like this in Europe.

EMOT is based on the composition of naturally occurring strains of bacteria and nutrient media in order to produce preparations applicable in many business branches. It is a technology for solving problems related to the environment, sewage management and water reclamation in production processes in many sectors of industry.

Our microorganisms have GRAS status, which is granted by Food and Drug Administration. This is the best assurance that they are absolutely safe.

CleanConcept transforms car washes into biological wastewater treatment plants cost-free!

Clean Concept`s ecological preparations solve problems most commonly occuring in car washes, plus their implementation provides rationalization of costs:

  • overall reduction of the cost of cleaning textile brushes
  • overall reduction of water treatment cost (closed circuit)
  • 80% cost reduction connected to separators maintenance
  • the possibility of building a car wash in places where there is a problem with sewer system
  • 100% odour elimination
  • 100% safe for a car wash technical infrastructure
  • 100% safe for people, the environment, car (paint, rubber, plastic, stickers)
  • extending car washes manufacturers offer by introducing biological washes without any additional costs

Clean Concept is our response to groving demand for effective and environmentally safe cleaning solutions for:

  • car washes
  • rolling stock washes
  • bus washes
  • truck washes
  • auto-detailing

Our key products are biopreparations for car washes. We have developed an innovative, ecological preparations containing microorganisms and no chemicals. They guarantee very good results and low risk of negative impact on the environment.

Innovative company Clean Bacter

Clean Bacter is the only European manufacturer of biotechnological preparations based on Emot technology. Those innovative products start a new era of washing and utilisation of pollutants. Where? In petrochemical, automotive, engineering and food industries as well as hospitality, and cleaning services, educational and care providers, commercial institutions, car washes, and many others.

Practice shows that the use of Eco pH preparations is much more beneficial than chemical products.

Innovative company Escape -BioTech

Escape-BioTech is a manufacturer of professional cleaning products for food industry. ESCAPE innovative products are based on natural biosurfactants. They thoroughly clean all kinds of organic pollutants present in the production cycle, as well as protect the cleaned surface from microbial contamination.

The use of ESCAPE products, allows to cut on electricity and area decontamination costs, as well as on pH neutralization costs. Also wastewater management costs are lowered. Moreover ESCAPE products improve employees work, without exposing them to risks posed by chemicals.

Innovative company Clean Water

Clean Water meets the demand of the public sector for services connected to closed circuits water recycling, wastewater treatment and mega objects water reclamation. In Europe, there are approx. 20 thousand structures with large surface areas, which are heavily polluted. Experts estimate that their revitalization can take more than 100 years!

The Company uses innovative EMOT technology (Effective Micro Organism Technology), which can significantly reduce the cost and time of reclamation. All products are prepared based on Organic PH preparations. To create them, instead of artificial and chemical additives, we use microorganisms with GRAS status (Generally recognized as save). All reclamation processes are thus completely natural.